The contemporary philosophers most influential in the history

From the NINETEENTH century developed important processes as it is the marked progress of the technology and the industrial revolution, advances that ended up changing what society was and gave step a contemporary philosophy, where societies are much more modern and are more concerned about what they have than what they are.

There are some contemporary philosophers we have tried to create new interpretations of what was the old ideas, dales philosophers have been very influential and form an important part of what will be the history of contemporary philosophy.

The 10 contemporary philosophers most influential

1. Mauricio Hardie Beuchot

One of the contemporary philosophers most influential is Mauricio Hardie Beuchot, of mexican origin. He has published more than 100 works and exposed by their ideology interpretative analog as an intermediate structure. For him, the qualities of the true identity that may have things; while the mistake is inconsistency between the application and the meaning.

2. Dany-Robert Dufour

Sharp, of French origin; their studies are distinguished by topics such as the symbolic process of, the political philosophy, the language or psychoanalysis. Their philosophical essays focus on treating the man within a post-modern society and all the problems that you may face in that environment.

3. Roberto Esposito

This author focuses on exposing the relationship that exists between politics and life; topic that has been dealt with previously by other authors. Esposito is a prominent professor, consultant for scientific journals and editor at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Oriental Institute of Naples.

He also works as co-editor of the magazine "political philosophy" and one of the creators of the research center on the European political lexicon.


4. Gary Lawrence Francione

Gary Lawrence is one of the most influential contemporary philosophers. He is founder and director of Rutgers Animal Rights Law Center. His work stands out for being focused on a humanistic philosophy in which animal rights stand out; apart from being a professor at Rutgers University, He is also a specialist in animal law..

Within his philosophical theory he declares that animals do not belong to man, are free and therefore you have rights and may be avoided on the ground freely. This ideologue rechas any animal product and promotes veganism.

5. Kwasi Wiredu

A philosopher who incorporated thoughts of the era of post-colonial in their essays. That era ended in the TWENTIETH century and left many african peoples in search of a own identity.

In the different works of this author reflected the dilemmas existing between the government and the social reorganization and cultural of the tribes. Your goal is to establish a new cultural identity that was lost during the colonization in the western countries.

6. David P. Gauthier

It is known to develop the moral philosophy contractualita neo-hobbes', his theory is based on the game, and rational choice. It states that people have a moral attitude based on reason, and from there define what in fact is the moral.

7. Julian Nida-Rümelin

This philosopher discussed in his different works, social issues, ethical, of law, cultural and what is rationalism. In their issues is a debate cause pronounced discomfort which act in a rational way, and studying constantly different models in order to achieve this.

8. Michel Onfray

Contemporary philosopher French, belongs to a group prevarications and anarchic, his works are based on the creation of a capitalism libertarian.

9. Slavoj Zizek

Is philosopher, sociologist, and psychoanalyst, his works stand out by expressing the real, the symbolic and the imaginary.

10. Jacques Ranciere

Together with other authors he wrote the work "el capital", most of his works are noted for intellectual emancipation and for seeing the revolution as an educational process.

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