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What is the truth? A reflection on the meaning of truth in western philosophy

Along the history, muchos filósofos han intentado responder la pregunta "What is the truth?" Esta pregunta es una de las más antiguas de la Filosofía Occidental, and has been addressed by great thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle and Kant. La verdad es un...


Does the meaning of a man is limited to the representation of your perspective? Discover an Essay on the meaning and scope of the own perspective of the world.

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The ethics of language: How should we speak and write to be fair and respectful?

What is the Ethics of Language? The ethics of language is a way of speaking and writing that is understandable, empathic, fair and respectful. Se trata de ser conscientes de las palabras que usamos así como del lenguaje que cada uno utiliza para comunicarse con otros....


What is the continuity?How does the individual know that something has not been completed and it predisposes him expectations?

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What is the small theology of the slowness

Just as its name indicates, small theology of the slowness, it is a book very small in terms of its pages, but rich in content. It is the second published work of a thinker Portuguese José Tolentino; lanzada al mercado en 2017 por Fragmenta Editorial, Barcelona....

The nature of morality: What makes us act morally and how should we understand morality in a changing world??

Morality is one of the main concepts on which a society is built.. It is the notion that guides us to define right and wrong., and it is a responsibility inherent to each individual member of a society. Explorar la naturaleza de la...

This life is mine

With this Essay on the affirmation of man as the owner of his own life, and consistent with its existence, you'll be able to establish what it means to accept you in all your fingertips. The perfect base for you to understand your identity and build around it.

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Interesting thoughts, where is that balance between the detachment and the passions, we can live with illusion, but without addictions, in the broad sense of the word?

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This text has invited me to reflect and be aware even more of one's own consciousness, appreciate texts that invite you to sail in the introspective and the self as being fundamental to a whole, I hope new stories and experiences

Comment on the argument This life is mine.


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“Rediscover yourself” how difficult. Very good.

Comment on the argument of Continuity.


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