How it relates to personal identity and social

It is understood that the personal identity is a and is related to who you really are, with your personality, your interests or your values. While the social identity is more associated with the environment that surrounds you; the social groups with which we interact, the family, religions and how these influence you.

The relationship between personal identity and social identity is that, the second depends directly on the first. That is to say, our personal identity and how sure we are of them; is the one who will determine how we behave in a social environment.

What is the personal identity and social identity and how each one influences the other?

The personal identity it is a question that lets you know who you are as an individual; it is the perspective that you have of you as a person. This series of identifications are acquired along the life. With each challenge, problem or situation that you are alive and are able to mold your personality, your conduct and of course your self-esteem.

The development of the personality begins from the time they are children, from the moment that we are aware of our presence in the world and the other. The personal identity unfolds first and foremost in our homes, with the family and it will depend on our integration in the social world.

The social identity it is something that defines you in terms of social. Each person has many social identities, different for each group to which it belongs. For example, a person can come to be defined as man, son, father, entrepreneur, millionaire, latino, moreno or dancer; and this will depend on the group with which you are.


We are people of social that we're constantly interacting with others and it is these interactions that form networks and thus social groups. In many ways will determine how well we are, since these are linked to values and norms that we tend to internalize.

The relationship between the two identities tends to generate some problems

1. The motivation

Our behavior depends on the motivation and if this comes from the personal identity then the way in which we behave is according to a personality of their own, while, if the motivation comes from the social behavior, then the behavior will be more related to the values that you have provided to us given social group.

2. The position in a social group

Positions in a social group are not unique, so that your place can be interchangeable. What really matters is that there is a member that will occupy each place.

3. As we identify with the social group

This will depend on the changes that exist within the group, for example: if we are part of a sports team and our team wins an important match; the social identity within the team will be much stronger and consistent.

Personal growth


Each identity has limitations that unfortunately are not filled if not used another identity; this is what allows merging both identities and that each is very strong.

The same, when each identity is related to the other, it is easier for the person to union with each one of the social groups, this also allows the time each identity is much more noticeable for individual.

For a person to have a good development in the society, there's always going to be important that both your personal identity, as your social identity is very defined and that each supports and complements the other.

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