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At some point, the thought has crossed our minds, not at all strange, that we are losing the meaning of life. Maybe, we are unhappy. We are not where we should be. Our job is not the right one or we just don't feel loved.

People are asking perhaps one of the most important questions that has ever existed.. And the most recurrent question that they ask psychologists: what are the keys to the meaning of life? Or in short, what is the meaning of life as such??

Importance of the meaning of life

It's not a secret, that emotional stability is an important factor when rating a person's general health. Numerous scientific studies support that those people who have negative thoughts about life; on their own body or on the environment around them are negatively influenced.

On the contrary, those people who are in a state of happiness and total tranquility with all their being, they can get changes they have never imagined.

negative thoughts

Declining suicide rates, Stress and depression are some of the most noticeable changes when people somehow find the "course" of their lives..

Meaning of life today

For many people, life is about; graduate, succeed socially and financially, to get a good job, have children, get marry, etc.

There are others who believe that life exists as such, to help each other. Some just believe that life is only for living.; with the simple fact of breathing and being alive we are achieving something.

No wonder this question has too many answers., and that all, can be considered right or wrong; and is that, from the personal point of view.

Each person has a meaning of life distinct, that is to say, everyone has something they are passionate about. It is not weird, because humans are unique, even in the way of thinking.

according to psychology, how should we see life?

According to some psychologists there are different types of motivation. For example, there is the type of person who in his life strives to study and work, to obtain some kind of economic reward and social recognition. While there are those who only want personal fulfillment and feel good about themselves.

Something very important that psychologists want to make very clear, is that despite all the circumstances we are going through, all people are susceptible to being motivated or influenced by emotions external to us; being these positive or negative and causing an impact on our way of thinking.


Opportunities where there are none

Despite the fact that a misfortune can have a negative impact on your life, you have to know how to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way in all shapes and sizes. A clear example that psychologists use to help motivate their patients, is the case of the dung beetle or the dung beetle.

It may seem silly, who want to compare human life with that of an insect, and so, In fact, it is not, since both can go through bad times; It could even be said that moments of "shit" and the beetle far from wasting this situation or feeling bad for it, take advantage of this to turn it into something beautiful.

Feel good about yourself and what you do, is the true way to feel motivated. Al final, You only live once and it should be used to the fullest.. You shouldn't think about the past, nor the future, only in the day to day, that's why today, is called "present".

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