How to be myself without fear to the society and not to lose personal identity

From our childhood we are instilled with a mentality based on the fact that you will only succeed if you become what everyone expects you to be and lose your personal identity.

But what if you decide be yourself without fear to society? As excellent. If your vision of success is based on a philosophy of life that others do not understand; you shouldn't be afraid to express it.

What is wrong, It is pretending to be someone with whom you do not feel comfortable or believing that you will only succeed if you live on the edge of social patterns.. Everyone should be happy enjoying doing what they like.

cultural identity

Reach your life expectancy without losing personal identity

It is completely normal that due to the pressure generated by society, people seek to create an idealized image of what they are expected to be.; they give up any attempt to achieve the life expectancy they really want and be who they themselves are.

It is true that the ties you can create within society are important; However, These ties can be broken if you do not find any benefit for yourself in them.

You have to put aside what they will say and be true to yourself; not lose your personal identity even if it means losing friends.

social identity: be yourself without fear

create your personal identity and staying firm in it is very important; since this defines you as a person.

You cannot go through life pretending to be someone you are not and living in the shadow of social philosophy.; that's just not having personality.

Being yourself without fearing society is something that can be difficult to achieve if you are not determined to do so..


Tips on how to put aside that idealized image and achieve the public image you want

1. resume your hobbies

You have to try as much as possible to do the things you like, that make you feel good, whether physical or intellectual. The important thing is that you feel like doing it and not just because others expect you to do it..

It's sad that you waste your time on something that doesn't make you feel happy.. everything you do for pleasure (even if it's just a hobby) I will leave you something, either experience, culture or just pleasure.

2. Surround yourself with whoever you feel comfortable with.

Constantly being with people who judge you negatively is not a good decision; believe it or not, over time you start to do things to meet their expectations and not yours.

It is much more pleasant to associate with people with an open mind; Don't be judged for the things you do, what, on the contrary, encourage you to do what you like and it makes you feel good. Not because they like your decisions, but because they respect them, not everyone should always follow the same pattern.

3. accept your contradictions

It is normal that at any given moment you feel lost for what you want or if a certain decision will be the best for you.; no one is completely predictable, so being in doubt is acceptable. However, no matter how many doubts you may have, it is always essential to choose things without ceasing to be yourself.

identity-social4. Be authentic at all times

What is the use of being what you want in secret; when no one is looking at you and in public have to be standardized, that makes you a slave to society. Be authentic and maintain your personality at all times without fear.

5. demystify others

You will not pretend to be yourself when you constantly try to idealize others; be careful what you say because many times you can judge negatively without realizing it.

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