What is personal and social development and how does it influence the new educational model??

It is important that each person create a personal and social development within society.

This will only be possible if he manages to develop satisfactorily both individually and in his social environment.; the complete and integral well-being of a person does not only depend on how you feel about yourself, also how it complements other.

Educational models try to contribute significantly to such developments., integrating areas of impulse that serve as growth and complement the academic training that each individual receives.

personal and social development

Personal and social development

As he personal development as the social identity start from the first years of your life; are all those attitudes and capacities that you have as an individual to relate to and compete emotionally and socially.

You should know that in order to achieve your place within society it is essential that you first have achieved good personal development.. By feeling good about yourself, you will be able to interact with others without any problem.

All those inner sensations and emotions are part of personal development., It only depends on you how to reflect on your exterior.

Personal development involves a lot of learning, that is given by the situations that arise in your daily life and whatever your philosophy of values to face it.

Tips for you to successfully develop personally and socially

A society develops and advances better when each of its individuals has satisfactory personal and individual development.; this happens because you treat how you would like to be treated and respect the rights and freedoms of others. Some tips to achieve this development can be:

  1. Pay attention

    To what your actions can cause in society, each action generates a reaction and many times this may not be positive. When you pay attention to how you can influence others, you grow as a person and can become an example for others to follow..

  2. Share your own knowledge

    This helps you relate more easily, to create links and to positively shape what others may think or know.

  3. Take care of your environment

    A person who respects his environment, definitely, is someone who has grown up with values ​​and is clear about what is truly important.

  4. Collaborate with society

    Being a volunteer is a clear manifestation of your commitment to social progress, common evolution and growth.

  5. Take care of your relationships with other people

    It is essential that you have an attitude with others as I would like them to have with you, respect their ideas and listen to them, even if you don't agree with them, be nice, be patient and give them affection whenever they need it.

  6. You educate

    Lee, always looking to learn new things. This is essential for a good personal development and later with society. Knowledge makes you a person with your own ideas and decisions.

As you pay attention to your emotions, care equally about others. Never let your happiness make you selfish or individualistic..

Your personal and social development

identity-socialWhen you really have a clear personal identity, you will be able to see your own evolution that you have had over time and you will have the potential to assume your life with what you really are, the protagonist of her.

The same, you can have a good self-knowledge of yourself, what you like and makes you feel good, happy and satisfied.

When your personality is well defined, you are simply a free person., with the ability and right to make decisions on their own without the environment affecting their attitude.

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