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Resilience is one of the main personal aspirations that has a person; since it represents one of the most significant capabilities you can have someone in front of the woes that will be present throughout your life.

A person resilient is characterized by a greater emotional control to deal with situations under high stress and to resist these pressures without losing control in the face of such events.


What person resilient?Where does the resilience?

Any person is able to overcome a difficult situation; but it is the decision and firmness which has a person out of that position that really makes it resilient.

Resilience is the ability to recover and want to get a personal and social development, that makes you grow and be stronger as a person.

It is something that we begin to develop from children. Keep in mind that this ability can be part of a dynamic process; each person is responsible to train and affirm this quality no matter age you are.

10 characteristics that represent a person resilient

These are the main 10 characteristics of a person resilient:

  1. Ability to interact with others

    A person is autonomous, However, this does not imply that you hide in yourself. Possess an attitude of self-sufficient does not imply to be a person individualistic; on the contrary, seeks to maintain emotional ties with others.

  2. Creativity

    aspirations-personalCreative people seeking to transform what little positive into something more beneficial. If you are a person capable of making the moments less pleasant and to extract from them some benefit. Without a doubt you're going to have superior ability to see things from a different point to the other.

  3. Adaptation

    It is essential that can get a foothold in an environment with disturbances negative that occur despite the fact that your put resistance; resilient people seek to face these changes relying on this ability to interact with others.

  4. Emotional intelligence

    Life will always put you in situations that will affect you emotionally in different ways; creating in you a sea of sensations. Emotional intelligence will help you manage all this information that you present and not to let this destroy you inwardly.

  5. Futuristic vision

    To help you adapt you also need to be able to look to the future and try to let go of the past. To be resilient you should be able to look at your goals in the future and that these, accompanied with a large dose of hope.

  6. Prevents complaints

    Even when you pass a difficult stage a person resilient is thoughts motivational and hence the wear that this gets.

  7. Comedian

    A good attitude to you, strengthen you even more in adverse moments; the sense of humor is not lost even in the saddest moment.

  8. Gratitude

    You have to be grateful, passes though for pain. Even in the most difficult moments, there are always reasons to be thankful for something.

  9. Ask for help

    For more self-sufficient you can be you should always ask for help when you need it; the others are not going to meet your needs by itself.

  10. Empathy

    If you are able to understand the other and put you in your place, you'll be able to know their feelings and provide the support that the other needed at that time; this feature is important for a person resilient.

Some examples that represent a person resilient


  • The death of a dear person and your ability to improve yourself.
  • Unrequited love when you are in love.
  • The capacity of resistance when you find yourself in a hostile environment.
  • To support the change that can bring a separation, a divorce.
  • The loss of a job, and how capable they are of forjarte a new vision of the future.

A person resilient is able to overcome any period of time difficult, emotional, and come out stronger from this. If you are interested in more issues on personal growth, subscribe.

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