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The essays are perhaps, the best form of literary expression, free and personal. There are many essays recommended for this year in which the authors allow you to know different topics through the manifestations of their ideas and opinions, in a carefree way and without following a structured way of writing, not too documented.

Los literary essays They are characterized by being a form of exposition of ideas, where the author is based on exposing, argue and criticize a certain topic. And although it does not follow a certain order, It is usually written in prose form..

15 ensayos que no puedes dejar de leer en este año

These 15 ensayos literarios will allow you to analyze different topics and their importance. The same, know a little history:

1. The Art of War (Sun Tzu)

It is a well-known essay based on ancient china, where different techniques are expressed in the art of war and as ways of conflict situations. Although by its title it can be believed that it is based solely on military techniques, also reflects social aspects, work or behavior.

2. treatise on tolerance (Voltaire)

Written by Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) en el año 1762, in such an essay the car seeks to express its acceptance and tolerance towards the ideas and thoughts of others.

3. hell story (George Minois)

It's a literary essay that gives a review of history from antiquity to the most modern times, specifically analyzing cultural evolution.


4. The man (Martin Caparros)

A painful subject that most overlook, just for having the resources to not be affected by it, but which nevertheless is the cause of many deaths in the world.

5. essay on music, theater and literature (Thomas Mann)

It's one of the essays recommended for this year, where he reviews how the development of European culture has been, specifically literature, music and theater.

6. Three essays on sexual theory (Sigmund Freud)

Essay from a psychoanalyst author who has been embezzled by other authors and theoretical currents, In this work, he analyzes the development and sexual vision throughout history..

7. in defense of terror (Catherine Schulz)

In this work, the author reveals errors committed by well-known personalities in history., It reflects how you can improve from mistakes and become a more efficient being..

8. The soul of the puppets (John Gray)

Different reasons, circumstances or situations at some point we have all acted as puppets. This is what the essay talks about, how to be free with a personal identity.

9. On the Genealogy of Morality (Friedrich Niezche)

Deals with cultural issues, of Science, good and evil, guilt and sorrow and eccentricism, where the car highlights his essay criticizing what morality and values ​​are.

10. five moral writings (Umberto Eco)

Immigration Based Essay, media and war, from an angle that affected morale.

11. the inner journey. Essay on Jungian psychology (Barbara Hannah)

Literary essay that focuses on the work of psychological author C.G. Jung, where aspects of the human personality are exposed.

These are the most recommended literary essays, perhaps the most important in the world of literary philosophy.

Other essays that should also be part of your reading for this year


12. Writing

An introduction to alphabetic culture (Jesus Tuson)

13. the music brain (Daniel J. Spreader)

14. eroticism (George Battle)

15. time is a pop dream. Life and work of Terenci Moix (john bonilla)

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