E-Mailing the Editors

E-Mailing the Editors

The editors of the IEP are happy to respond to queries. Before writing, though, please check the following:

Dates of our Articles: We do not provide information about the dates our articles are written, nor their revision dates. If you need a date, use the date you accessed the IEP.
Citing our Articles: Here is an example.
“Naturalistic Epistemology,” by Chase B. Wrenn, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, https://iep.utm.edu/, today’s date.
If the abbreviation “IEP” appears at the end of the article, then the author is anonymous and should be cited as such.
Missing Articles: We are aware that the IEP is currently missing articles on important philosophers and topics. If you are a qualified author, please see our submission guidelines.
College Essay Questions: We apologize in advance for not having the staff to help with the creation of student essays.
Reproduce One of Our Images: The IEP does not own the copyrights to the images on our site. For some images we have obtained permission to reproduce; for other images we found them to be in the public domain. In either case, though, we do not have the authority to grant you permission, or even to say with 100% confidence where the images originally came.
Links to Your Website: The IEP does not permit links to articles not already in the IEP.
Putting our Articles on your Website. You may not take material from our site and post it on your personal website, although we often grant permission to translate our articles and have the translations posted.

E-mail the General Editors only if you have read the above.

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