An Itlani Wedding Blessing

An Itlani Wedding Blessing
Author: James E. Hopkins
MS Date: 06-28-2014
FL Date: 08-01-2014
FL Number: FL-000023-00
Citation: Hopkins, James E. 2014. «An Itlani Wedding

Blessing.» FL-000023-00, Fiat Lingua,
. Web. 01 Aug 2014.

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Zar ukumú loshkadimyaven.
Varem vey parem vutova lulyaven.
Mu eyla say ta zaridéyn onyazha.
Mu nikh, mu zakh, mu talmenshún.

Loshkuuyaren zar ukumú.
Pronyuunyaren zar zheytumú.
Loshifyaren ta yavyoenunú.
Kenatyaren rinkasún vey ta pronú.

Chalí vey idakín, kenatunyati!
Uridenovó iküigiuryati!
Amborinovó dinilulyati!
Teynilu ta gidanit afakuna mogí.

Tishiret, gidanit talmenshunél,
Dagál-Zakh, Tsayadiór,
Mu eyla say, ta varem samyazha,
Mu nikh, mu zakh, Burakhenún!


Two doves have come together.
It’s love and respect that calls them here.
Into one nest for life forever.
One soul, one heart, one dream.

Two doves rejoicing together.
Two families sing a new song.
Two great joys unite as one now.
A party complete with dancing and song.

And so let us heartily join this feast!
Enjoying this wonderful food!
Imbibing this drink to slake our thirst!
To show them our love as we rejoice!

Honeybee, a great Enchantress,
Tiger-Heart, a Jedi Knight,
Of one nest now, great love sustaining,
One soul, one heart, one Blessing profound!

Tsiasuk-Pron – James E. Hopkins
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