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Are we free or are we determined?? This has been a recurring question among Western philosophers from different approaches.. In this essay we will briefly explore the relationship between freedom and determination in Western philosophy., discussing the main postulates and addressing some of the main questions involved.

Are we free or are we determined??

From a traditional approach, Western philosophers have discussed for centuries the relationship between freedom and determination. This question has been approached from various perspectives., from the classical approach of Socrates to the modern philosophy of Immanuel Kant. In general, Philosophers located in this line have tried to discern if our behaviors are under the control of an external force (determination) or if we really have the individuality to act according to our will (Liberty).

Traditional philosophers have addressed this issue with various arguments.. For example, Socrates, the founder of western philosophy, abogaba porel principio de no contradicción”, where freedom of action was seen as the possibility of making a choice between reasonable options. Besides, Plato, disciple of socrates, sostenía la idea de que somos guiados por unaley superiorcuya presencia es inseparable dela verdady por lo tanto nosotros no somos realmente libres para actuar, but that we are part of a world determined by God and divine laws. In addition there was the conception of Aristotle, according to which freedom comes from the ability of human beings to think rationally.

How is freedom related to determination??

In the discussion between freedom and determination, there are many intermediate positions between the two extremes. On the one hand, holds the position that certain external factors influence our actions, but that we are free to make decisions within the limits set by these factors. Besides, There are those who argue that we are completely free to act at all times., y que los factores externos operan sólo como una suerte decondiciones precedentesen voz de undestino preestablecido”.

Definitely, The question of the relationship between freedom and determination is particularly complex and continues to be an open topic of discussion among Western philosophers.. For example, el filósofo René Descartes abogaba la existencia de unyoautónomo, an inner strength that gives us freedom to act directly, but there were also those who argued that destiny was something pre-established by a superior force. Thus, the debate between freedom and determination remains unresolved, but it still gives rise to an interesting philosophical debate.

In conclusion, the relationship between freedom and the determination has been widely discussed among Western philosophers over the centuries. While some defended that we are free to decide at all times, others held that we are determined by a superior force. Although this discussion remains unresolved, the fact that it remains open contributes greatly to philosophical discussion and to the discussion of the human condition in general.

An exploration of freedom and determination in western philosophy

If a question has sparked intense disagreements and debates in philosophy over the past few millennia, it is without a doubt this: Do we have freedom or are we determined by the causality of our lives?? This question, dating back to the classical period in western philosophy, still divides philosophers today on freedom and determination.

Those who hold the position of freedom find themselves at odds with those who hold the position of determination, according to which the individual lacks true freedom because all his actions are influenced by past events, present and future that are part of your life. One of the classic arguments on this topic is the concept of the "Chains of Determination", used by philosopher David Hume (1711-1776).

According to Hume, We live in a world where all events, from the most everyday to the most transcendental, are linked to each other in a chain of events that follows a logical order established by causation. This "Chain of Determination" would then be responsible for carrying out all forms of action that human beings could carry out.. These actions would be the product of the order and causality imposed by this chain., thus eliminating any possibility of individual freedom.

for his part, those who hold a position of freedom, They argue that man is aware of his actions and that he makes free decisions and not necessarily determined by the course of past events..

This lack of consensus between freedom and determination has stood out for more than two millennia., generating a range of varied answers to this same question. Despite this, consideration of a central element in the debate is often omitted: the role that individual responsibility plays in this discussion.

There is no doubt that we are responsible for our actions., which then leads to the question of whether we really own them. Are we really free to choose the course of our life, o our choices and actions are determined by the causality of the past? the debate continues, And it seems we'll never find a definitive answer.

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