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When it comes to talking about philosophy, we are faced with a complex question about the role of emotion in life and in philosophy: Are emotions a source of wisdom or an obstacle to reason?? During centuries, the relationship between reason and emotion has been the subject of debate among thinkers. On the one hand, some opponents of the use of reason have as their objective the praise of intuitive company of emotion. On the other hand, supporters of rationality, like the enlightened and the empiricists, have had a reticent attitude towards emotions.

Are emotions necessary?

In counterpart, Are emotions necessary to understand philosophy?? Other currents think that, one way or another, reason must take into account certain emotions to reach the correct conclusion. Some even argue that, in the best case, emotional effects are essential for correct decision-making and consequent human action. Well, although the reason is useful to evaluate the information, not all situations can be judged from the rational point of view. Thus, It is not enough to guide human behavior and it is necessary to complement it with emotions.

A balance between reason and emotion

This idea is the basis of Socrates' philosophy on the need for a balance between reason and emotions.. According to this thinker, the awareness it is a basic part of being human that emotion and feelings accompany him. So, it becomes necessary balance the two poles of consciousness: on the one hand, rationalism is responsible for establishing an ethical conscience, while the emotional vision allows us to connect with life experience and creativity.

barriers to reason: the irrationality of emotions

However, It is true that there are also moments in which emotions are a ballast for reason. For example, when the emotional state becomes unbalanced by anger, fear or sadness can hinder rational thinking preventing decision making. These vital states are known as "irrationalities" because they prevent the action of reason and subject the subject to the fickleness of feeling.. Well in order to access the true nature of philosophy it is necessary to be in control of emotions. For example, some believe that wisdom can only come through calmness of spirit.

Emotions and thoughts must interact in a balanced way to reach the right conclusion. Reason is necessary to channel emotions in the right direction, and express the right feeling under himself without losing control and being able to move forward. At the same time, emotions can provide depth, meaning and perspective to our ideas and help understand philosophical concepts. It is about finding a balance between the power of reason and the poetry of emotions.

In philosophy throughout the centuries, the role of emotions has often been considered with polarized positions, However, It is currently when the role played by the emotional sphere in the lives of human beings is evident..

First of all, It is important to highlight the relevance of the role that feelings play in everyday life, since they offer transcendental interpretations of the environment that surrounds us. An example of this are neuroscience studies that exemplify how brain activity is when we interact with what generates emotion., this being one of the main reasons why emotion is a fundamental issue in life.

Now well, in the field of philosophy, emotions have always been considered the enemy of rationality, that limits reason and supposedly distances us from the truth. However, At present, a new perspective proposes a meeting of harmony between these two areas, that is to say, here the value of emotional intelligence is recognized as a source of knowledge and personal fulfillment.

Therefore, emotions are both a source of wisdom and an obstacle to reason, depending on the context, the timing and psychological compatibility of each individual, Therefore, conscious work in the emotional sphere is undeniably important in order to achieve a balanced development..

Finally, it is concluded that the balance between emotions and reason is not a dichotomy of polarities, rather, it offers an opportunity to build a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the human being..

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