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Las reflections of life they are present. It is normal that at some point in your life you have gone through a difficult situation that made it difficult for you to get ahead.; but surely these situations have made you a stronger and more confident person.

The question is in being able to recognize what was the life philosophy that his moment helped you overcome yourself; so that later you can use them if you need it again.

Many people wonder what is the key to being happy.; but happiness is very relative. First you must learn to recognize what happiness is for you and from there look for your personal and spiritual growth that give you happiness.

Life's philosophy

Reflections of life: Happiness goes beyond a state of mind

There is no formula or list with instructions on how to achieve happiness in life.. However, there are many philosophical essays on happiness. In them you can learn what true happiness is and a temporary mirage of it..

The concept of what happiness is over the years has evolved; has been given many different visions.

The truth is that in order to achieve true happiness you must understand very well what it represents; most people tend to think that having a lot of money, Luxury cars, a big house will bring you happiness, but this only gives comfort and stability.

Although comfort does form an important point in the suddenness of happiness; what really makes a person happy is love. Mainly self love. When you love and accept yourself, you are happy and that happiness is transmitted through positive thoughts.

Happiness is having a good mental well-being, devoid of any kind of sadness and low self-esteem.

If you are happy you will be able to fully enjoy the things that surround you and in moments of difficulty stand firm.; learning from the bad experience and strengthening yourself as a person.

pensamientos-positivosOne of the reflections of life to keep in mind, is that "to be happy is to be free", have peace; counter each situation with a positive attitude.

Today we can affirm that happiness is more than something that is achieved and remains permanently in your life., it's a way, an election; only you can decide to let happiness into your life and enjoy it.

Where is happiness?

Thanks to the misconceptions that society has created about happiness, people insist on looking for something tangible to be happy, instead of concentrating on first finding the physical and mental well-being that will help them be happy.

Each one is responsible for their own life and therefore must take control of it..

Never let someone create in your mind what happiness should be for you; not everyone is born to achieve socially accepted achievements. Only you should meditate on what are the things that make you happy and go for them.


You should keep in mind that your happiness will not always make others happy..

It is everyone's responsibility to do their reflections of life to be a happy young man.

Having sad moments does not make you an unhappy person.; these are moods that often go beyond your emotions.

Al final, only you know what makes you happy; only you are responsible for living being unhappy or being a full person. Never let your happiness depend on others.

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